• Payroll Services

  • Our payroll service is simple.  We do all the paperwork, filing and reporting of all the federal, state, local taxing authorities as well as unemployment compensation, and workers compensation reporting and filing.  You will e-mail, text, or call-in your employees hours.  We will e-mail, text, or call back to you there net pay, and you write the checks.  We will mail the employees pay stub to their home address.  We do the payroll every two weeks or bi-weekly, although we can accommodate weekly payroll, call us for a quote.  Every quarter we file all necessary withholding reports and notify you, the amounts and to whom you will pay.  Below you will find a summary of our fee schedule for doing payroll for your business.

    • - 1st Quarter:  set-up, calculate payroll for the quarter, and filing/reporting  $150.00
    • - 2nd Quarter:  calculate payroll for the quarter, and filing/reporting  $80.00
    • - 3rd Quarter:  calculate payroll for the quarter and filing/reporting  $80.00
    • - 4th Quarter:  calculate payroll for the quarter, reconciliation of year end, and filing/reporting  $120.00

     After the set-up is complete your 1st quarter will go down to $80.00 for payroll, and filing/reporting.  This means that your cost will be $360.00 (80+80+80+120) per year.  These prices are for 1 – 5 employees (including the owner if you pay your self and withhold taxes).  For businesses with more than 5 employees, call for a custom quote.  Call today and schedule a free in person consultation to ask questions at (330) 823-8400.