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How We Protect Your Information

Security plan for physically and electronically safeguarding client’s personal information at Buckeye Tax and Financial Services.


As we are all aware of recent years many large corporations, banks and even governmental departments have all been cyber attacked to gain valuable personal confidential information.  Some say that a cyber-attack is the single biggest threat to the United States.  Buckeye Tax and Financial Services have taken pre-emptive measures to ensure that your personal tax and financial information is safe both physically and electronically from theft.  We have identified possible areas of vulnerability and have taken measures to fix or enhance security measures.  The following is a brief summary of those measures.


  1. 1. All file cabinets will be the locking type only.  The file cabinets will remain locked on a continuous basis whether the office is opened or closed for business.

  2. 2. All client files, records and information stored electronically will be protected by Encryption software.  We have purchased a three year subscription to ensure that our client’s files and personal information is protected.

  3. 3. We have an alarm system that is being installed which is directly wired to notify the Alliance police department immediately in the event that our office is physically compromised. The system uses motion detectors and is backed up by a generator if power were to be cut.

  4. 4. All computers such as the server and work stations are password protected.

  5. 5. All client files are backed up on a daily basis.